Monday, 28 June 2010

There ARE different races AND they do have different cultures

A councillor has been found guilty of racial harassment after she called a political opponent a "coconut".
Liberal Democrat Shirley Brown called Asian Conservative Jay Jethwa a "coconut" during a debate at Bristol City Council in February 2009.

District Judge Simon Cooper, sitting at Bristol Magistrates' Court, told Brown: "You made a mistake this time. You have to accept responsibility."
He gave Brown a 12-month conditional discharge.
 She was also ordered to pay £620 costs, following the trial on Monday.

The term coconut has been used to accuse someone of betraying their race or culture by implying that, like a coconut, they are brown on the outside but white on the inside. 

Brown, who is black, had pleaded not guilty to the charge.
The councillor, who represents the Ashley ward of the city, has faced calls to step down from the council.

So it seems that councillor Shirley Brown has no interest in the white race or its problems, and has no interest and does not consider herself part of English culture. Infact she will call any nonwhite person who does ignore race and who does embrace English culture as their own 'a coconut'.

Where are the EHRC or Trevor Phillips when you need them? oh yes, they are busy taking the only political party who do stand up for the white race and who do want to preserve and nurture English culture to court for doing exactley these things.

Friday, 4 June 2010

Publicly-Funded BBC Actively Discriminates against White People

The BBC has been revealed as pursuing an active anti-white recruitment policy and even takes photographs of potential employees so that their race can be recorded, (in true Nazi fashion), it has been revealed.

According to a Freedom of Information request, as reported in a daily newspaper, nearly half of the places on the BBC journalism trainee scheme have gone to non-whites.
The total number of places available was 51, for which some 5,816 people had applied. Of the 51 selected, 24, or 47 percent, were non-white.
Even more shockingly, candidates who were turned down reported that their photographs were taken in an obvious measure to determine their race.
Candidates were also asked if they had “experience in writing stories that would appeal to people from different racial backgrounds.”
This put white candidates at an immediate and implicit disadvantage, as confirmed by several people interviewed in the press on the issue.
The percentage is way in excess of the current non-white proportion of the population, and is a breach of the Race Relations Act which demands “parity.”
Deliberately favouring one race over another for jobs is illegal in terms of the law, and the BBC’s criterion for selecting its trainee journalists has clearly breached the Act.
The trainee journalist scheme is a three year course which offers on-the-job training, tuition and assessment.
This is not the first time that the BBC has engaged in overt anti-white discriminatory practices.
Apart from the corporation’s unflagging support for immigration and the multicultural disaster, its former director general Greg Dyke famously described his staff as “hideously white.”
The plot to flood the BBC with non-whites is no coincidence and was deliberately planned, a fact revealed by Equality and Human Rights Commission head Trevor Phillips.
In a newspaper interview early in 2010, he said “One of my friends chaired the board for BBC trainees. Thousands apply.
“He went in and said, ‘I’m going to make sure this year it’s not all white boys from Oxbridge’.
“So they advertised in the right way, sifted the candidates in the right way and actually it worked.”
Another newspaper article quoted an unsuccessful white applicant to the scheme as confirming that the recruitment process was biased in favour of non-whites.
“One of the questions the assessors from the BBC asked was to do with what experience I had in developing stories that would be of interest to ethnic minorities,” the unnamed applicant was quoted as saying.
“I thought asking the same question to my ethnic minority would be very unfair as they will have a natural advantage, being from such a background, which then obviously would lead to a better answer, and overall interview.
“I was shocked later to learn — from a friendly Muslim girl who was also at the interview — that she was asked the question and freely admitted it was ‘easy to answer’ because of her community background,” he said.
“I did also think also think it strange that the BBC organisers took photos of all the candidates during the assessments.
“They said it was to “remember our faces” — but now I think it was possibly to confirm what race candidates were when considering who to take onto the scheme.”
Only in Labour and Tory Britain could a publicly-funded corporation actively discriminate against its own indigenous population.

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