Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Lord Taylor: Thieving former Tory found guilty.

A former Tory peer has been found guilty of fiddling his expenses.
Lord Taylor of Warwick falsely claimed for travel and overnight subsistence, a jury at Southwark Crown Court decided by a majority of 11 to one.

The 58-year-old told the House of Lords members' expenses office that his main residence was in Oxford, when he lived in west London.
Lord Taylor, who stood impassively in the dock as the guilty verdict on all six counts was delivered, becomes the first parliamentarian to be tried and convicted by a jury over the expenses scandal.

Lord Taylor, of Lynwood Road, Ealing, west London, was standing trial for making £11,277.80 worth of claims on various dates between March 2006 and October 2007.
Thieving Conman John Taylor
The first claim was for £1,555.70, the second for £2,042.80, the third was £1,600.70, the fourth £2,309.50, the fifth £2,421.80, and the final claim was for £1,347.30.

John Taylor became the first black Conservative peer when he took his seat in the House of Lords in 1996, following a failed attempt to get elected as MP for Cheltenham in 1992.
Throughout the trial, Lord Taylor maintained he was following the advice given to him by fellow peers, that nominating a main residence outside of the capital was a way to earn money "in lieu of salary".

Prosecutor Helen Law said: "The prosecution say this case is very simple. Lord Taylor did not have a main home in Oxford and he was not entitled to claim as if he did.
"He knew that and he claimed anyway. He did so in a way that he knew would mislead the Members' Expenses Section into making payments he wasn't entitled to. His actions were dishonest."

Lord Taylor, who was once a barrister himself, was the first black peer in the Lords and has held many different media and charity roles in recent years.
He is the first parliamentarian to be tried and found guilty over the expenses scandal.
He will be sentenced at a later date.

I demand he be stripped of his title and barred from ever holding public office again.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Eric Illsley, another thieving former Labour MP pleads guilty:

MP Eric Illsley has admitted dishonestly claiming more than £14,000 in expenses, becoming the first sitting politician to be convicted over the scandal that has rocked British politics.
The member for Barnsley Central pleaded guilty to three charges of false accounting over claims for council tax, maintenance, repairs and utility bills for his second home in Kennington, south London.

Illsley was re-elected in May as MP for the Labour party in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, but was suspended from the party after being charged and now sits as an independent.
The 55-year-old was due to stand trial at Southwark Crown Court in London after previously denying dishonestly claiming more than £25,000.

But he changed his plea on Tuesday, admitting wrongly claiming a revised sum of about £14,500 between 2005 and 2008.
During the five-minute hearing, Illsley spoke only to confirm his pleas. The prosecutor accepted the revised figure and the judge ruled that sentencing would take place in four weeks.

Simon Clements, head of the CPS special crime division, said: "Eric Illsley, the MP for Barnsley Central, has admitted taking more than £14,000 of the public's money that he was not entitled to.
"This was a significant sum of money and the grossly inflated claims he submitted could not be attributed to an oversight or accounting error -- indeed he claimed that the expenses system was a way of supplementing members' salaries.

"By his guilty pleas he has accepted that he was dishonest in making these claims. As an elected representative, Eric Illsley took advantage of the trust placed in him by his constituents to act honourably on their behalf.
"Instead, he siphoned off public money into his own pockets and betrayed those who rightly expected the highest standards of integrity from him as a Member of Parliament."

Dozens of MPs were caught up in the expenses scandal , but Illsley was the only one of three politicians charged over their expenses who is still serving as an MP.
If he receives a sentence of 12 months or more he will be disqualified as an MP under the Representation of the People Act 1981 and a by-election will be held in his constituency.

Admin note:
I dont know what this If he receives a sentence of 12 months or more he will be disqualified as an MP. 
He should be dismissed now and banned from parliament for ever, no matter how long his sentence.

I as a taxpayer and voter demand there be a by-election in Barnsley Central.

Friday, 7 January 2011

Thieving conman and former Labour MP David Chaytor has been jailed

Former Labour MP David Chaytor has been jailed for 18 months for making false Parliamentary expenses claims.
Chaytor, 61, became the first politician to be convicted and sentenced over the expenses scandal which has rocked Westminster.

He submitted bogus invoices to support claims totalling £22,650 for IT services and renting homes in London and his Bury North constituency.
But the properties were owned by him and his mother, and he did not pay out any of his own money, Southwark Crown Court in London heard.

Chaytor, of Lumbutts, Todmorden, West Yorkshire, pleaded guilty last month to three counts of false accounting between November 2005 and January 2008.
The former MP is now facing a large legal bill for both his defence and the costs of bringing the prosecution against him.

Sentencing Chaytor, Mr Justice Saunders said the Parliamentary expenses scandal has "shaken public confidence in the legislature and angered the public".

Chaytor made the false claims in order to "siphon off" public money to which he was not entitled, the court heard. But he has now repaid £19,237, more than the £18,350 he received from the House of Commons fees office based on his fraudulent claims.

Chaytor submitted claims totalling £15,275 and was paid £12,925 for renting Flat 152, Hide Tower in Regency Street, Westminster, central London. But it turned out that he and his wife had bought the property in 1999, two years after he was first elected to Parliament, and paid off the mortgage on it in 2003.
In mitigation, James Sturman QC said Chaytor was a "broken man" who had already paid a "quite devastating price" for his actions.

He said: "He accepts he has brought shame on himself, he has brought shame on his family and he has brought shame on Parliament."
A Labour Party spokesman said: "David Chaytor had already been suspended from the Labour Party and following his custodial sentence he has now been excluded from the party."

Chaytor gave no reaction as he was sentenced. Court sources told the Press Association that the former MP would be taken to Wandsworth prison in south-west London to spend his first night in custody.

During submissions today, James Sturman QC had pleaded for any prison sentence to be suspended and a community punishment imposed.
He said Chaytor, a former university lecturer, faced further public humiliation if ordered to pick up litter or similar work because he would be photographed.

"We submit that the sums he received, if he had gone about it transparently, honestly and frankly, he would have been entitled to every penny, if not more than he claimed," Sturman said.
"The fact that he would have been entitled to claim for a second property has been somewhat lost in the clamour and hysteria surrounding the case."

He added that Chaytor had pleaded guilty out of "deep and genuine remorse".
But Peter Wright QC, for the prosecution, said the fact that Chaytor submitted false invoices proved that he knew he was breaking the rules.
"We say Mr Chaytor knew the rules, and we say why else would he produce false documents in support of his claims otherwise?" he told the court.

"It is maintained by the defence that his purpose in creating those documents was in fact to short-circuit the route by which expenses could be claimed. We, on behalf of the crown, do not accept that."
Chaytor had claimed £12,925 between 2005 and 2006 for renting a flat in Regency Street, Westminster, producing a tenancy agreement purporting to show that he was paying £1,175 a month in rent to the landlord, Sarah Elizabeth Rastrick.

But she was his daughter – although her name was disguised by using her middle name as a surname – and the flat was owned by Chaytor and his wife, who had already paid off the mortgage.
Chaytor also claimed £5,425 between 2007 and 2008 for renting a home in Castle Street, Bury, which was owned by his mother.

He produced a tenancy agreement falsely showing he was paying £775 a month. House of Commons rules do not allow MPs to claim for leasing a property from a family member.
A third charge related to two invoices of £995 each for IT support services in May 2006 when the "services had not been provided or charged for". The court heard that money was never paid to him.

Chaytor, along with the former Labour MPs Elliot Morley, 58, who represented Scunthorpe, and 57-year-old Jim Devine, formerly the MP for Livingston, tried to avoid prosecution for their crimes by claiming that criminal proceedings would infringe parliamentary privilege.

Although he has been given an 18 month term, with good behaviour he could be released by summer!  This means he could be serving 6 months at the most, so an 18 month sentence becomes 6 months max!

Morley and Devine face separate trials at a future date.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

uk nationalist politics today - January 4, 2011

Welcome to the January 4, 2011 edition of uk nationalist politics today.
Joanaa Tiger presents 10 Most Incriminating Types of Evidence posted at Criminal Justice Degrees Guide.

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Unbalanced Passions presents Corruption Always Implodes from Within posted at Unbalanced Passions, saying, "I get so sick and tired hearing the wheezer routine of patriot broadcasters talking about bad news in the economy and the police state. When he was talking about the youtube video about his employee and kids being groped at the checkpoints in the airport. There was over 70 percent of the comments opposing the TSA body scanners and enhanced pat down. He is complaining about the small group not getting it."

DRM presents A Troublesome Document: Musings on July 4 posted at Global Freedom Strategies, saying, "Discussing the notions of freedom, liberty and equality"

Ian presents Homeland Security Threat Level -- A Gift For Terrorists? posted at personalwebreviews.

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