Sunday, 22 November 2009

Student visa numbers soar after new rules take effect

The number of students entering the UK from India and Bangladesh has risen sharply since a new visa system began.

The UK Border Agency had said it believed the total number of students was "roughly the same" as last year.

But a Freedom of Information request has revealed the number of students entering from these countries alone nearly tripled over the summer.

The Home Office insists that the figures do not reflect a global trend.

'Raise the bar'

The new points-based immigration system was introduced last year. It was designed to be tougher and more selective than the old one.

The then Home Secretary Jacqui Smith promised that the new system would "raise the bar" and lead to "fewer migrants coming to the UK from outside the EU".

But earlier this month, immigration officers told BBC Radio 5 live they feared more bogus students are arriving in the UK under the new system, partly because of the large volume of arrivals which must be processed.

Officers said a significant number of those arriving on student visas had previously been denied entry to the UK, and they suspected that many had come here to work and not study.

One Heathrow-based whistleblower told the Donal MacIntyre programme that many so-called students could not speak English, and knew nothing about the courses they claimed to be studying.

He said many of these students came from the Indian subcontinent.

Sharp increase

Responding to the immigration officers' concerns, Jeremy Oppenheim, who runs the points-based system at the UK Border Agency, said that the number of students coming into the UK this year was "roughly the same as last year".

But figures subsequently obtained by the BBC under the Freedom of Information Act show there has been a sharp increase in the number of student visas granted in India and Bangladesh - two of the biggest centres for non-EU student visa applications.

Between June and August 2008 (before the new system for students came into force), the British High Commissions in Mumbai, New Delhi and Dhaka issued 6,771 student visas.

During the same period this year (under the new points-based immigration system), the three offices issued 19,950 visas - an increase of 195 per cent.

The number of student visa applications rejected also rose from 3,997 to 6,261.


The government says it has cracked down on bogus colleges, and that the number of institutions able to bring students into the UK from outside the European Union has been halved since the introduction of the new points-based immigration system.

In a statement, Mr Oppenheim told the Donal MacIntyre programme: "The UK Border Agency has 74 visa-issuing posts worldwide, so three cities should not be taken as representative of a global trend.

"The points-based system is designed to be flexible," he added.

"It enables us to regularly check and monitor all student applications and colleges to ensure that they meet the required standards, and take action where necessary."


Tuesday, 27 October 2009

The Truth is Out!

Labour 'deliberately let migrants in to make Britain more multicultural and so Tories could be accused of racism'

Ministers today faced calls for an inquiry into claims that their open-door immigration policy was designed to make Britain more multicultural and allow Labour to portray the Tories as racists.
A former Labour adviser alleged that the Government opened up Britain's borders in part to try to humiliate Right-wing opponents of immigration.
The Conservatives said that if true, the claim demonstrated 'disgracefully irresponsible' decision-making and called for an investigation.

Former Labour minister Frank Field said: 'I am speechless at the idea that people thought they could socially engineer a nation on this basis.'
The Daily Mail reported on Saturday the controversial claims by Andrew Neather, who worked for Tony Blair and Jack Straw.
He said Labour's relaxation of immigration controls in 2000 was a deliberate attempt to engineer a 'truly multicultural' country and plug gaps in the jobs market.
He said the 'major shift' in immigration policy was inspired by a 2001 policy paper from the Performance and Innovation Unit, a Downing Street think-tank based in the Cabinet Office.
Civil servant Jonathan Portes, who wrote the immigration report, was a speechwriter for Gordon Brown and is now an aide to Cabinet Secretary Sir Gus O'Donnell.

The report painted a rosy picture of mass immigration, stating: 'There is little evidence that native workers are harmed by migration. The broader fiscal impact is likely to be positive because a greater proportion of migrants are of working age and migrants have higher average wages than natives.'

It added: 'Most British regard immigration as having a positive effect on British culture.'
Mr Neather said the published version of the report focused on the labour market case for immigration. But he added: 'Earlier drafts I saw also included a driving political purpose: that mass immigration was the way that the Government was going to make the UK truly multicultural.'
Home Office Minister Barbara Roche, who pioneered the open-door policy, was also said to have wanted to restore her reputation on the Left of the Labour Party. She had come under fire for attacking the use of children for begging by asylum seekers as 'vile'.

Ministers were reluctant to discuss the move publicly for fear that it would alienate Labour's core working-class vote, Mr Neather said. But they hoped it would allow them to paint the Conservatives as xenophobic and out of touch.

'I remember coming away from some discussions with the clear sense that the policy was intended - even if this wasn't its main purpose - to rub the Right's nose in diversity and render their arguments out of date,' Mr Neather added.

Labour strategists went on to attack Tory leaders William Hague, Iain Duncan Smith and Michael Howard as out of touch when they raised questions about immigration policy.

Mr Hague was accused of 'playing the race card' in 2001 when he said Mr Blair was turning Britain into a 'foreign land'.

Mr Howard was called a 'racist' in 2004 after he went to the BNP stronghold of Burnley to denounce Labour's stance on asylum seekers.

Mr Neather defended the open-door policy, saying mass immigration had 'enriched' Britain.

But Tory immigration spokesman Damian Green said: 'If this is true, then it would be a disgracefully irresponsible way for a government to run their immigration policy.

'To organise it on the basis of what might embarrass the Opposition would be shameful. I would urge the Home Affairs Select Committee to look at this whole episode.

'And ministers must now be honest with the British people. Do they still believe, as they did five years ago, that uncontrolled immigration is good for the country?

'If they don't, will they apologise for the mess they have made of the immigration system in the meantime?'

Jack Straw last night dismissed Mr Neather's claims as untrue.

A spokesman for the Justice Secretary said: 'This is complete rubbish and the proof of that is the fact that Jack Straw introduced and was implementing the Immigration and Asylum Act at just this time, which tightened up controls and for which he was roundly condemned by all liberals.'

However, Labour's former welfare minister Mr Field, co-chairman of the cross-party Group for Balanced Migration, said a 'beam of truth' had been shone on the immigration issue.

'It is so dangerous that I cannot believe anybody even contemplated this course of action,' he said.

'I can't believe anybody could have been this stupid. All along anyone who raised questions was told they must be racist.

'Ministers used studies like the one saying only 13,000 people would come from the EU accession countries to say we had all got our figures wrong.

'Even now people are peddling the idea that it's all over-exaggerated. The truth is that, without any changes, we are headed for a population of 70million within 20 years.'

A Home Office spokesman said: 'Our new flexible points-based system gives us greater control of those coming to work or study from outside Europe, ensuring that only those that Britain needs can come.

'Britain's borders are stronger than ever before and we are rolling out ID cards for foreign nationals.

'We have introduced civil penalties for those employing illegal workers and from the end of next year our electronic border system will monitor 95 per cent of journeys in and out of the UK.

'The British people can be confident that immigration is under control.'

Read more:

Friday, 18 September 2009

Squeak the Squirrel Learns to Get Food

No politics today, instead watch in awe as squeak the squirrel pulls string.

Monday, 24 August 2009

David Cameron's message for Ramadan

David Cameron has sent his very best wishes to Muslim communities in Britain and around the world, as they start the month of Ramadan.

"I know the significance this month has for all Muslims", he said, "and there are lessons which members of all faiths and none can learn from this observance. These include the importance of reflection, charity and self-control."

He added that these are principles which help to strengthen society as a whole, and "are a sign of the contribution which Muslim communities and the Muslim faith has made to our national life".

I disagree Dave, I dont think that its the Muslim communities and the Muslim faith that have brought the values of 'reflection, charity and self-control'.

I have always given to charities, often reflect on the past and contemplate the future and I have self control, all this without the aid of the Muslim community.

'How did I develop these values then?' I hear you ask, well they where taught to me by my parents, who where taught it by their parents.

It is not 'the contribution which Muslim communities and the Muslim faith has made to our national life' that we should be thanking.

It is the failure of succesive Labour and Conservative governments we should be blaming.

Maybe if we did not have our national identity removed we would be more contemplatative.
Maybe if people had to work for what they have instead of having benefits thrown at them they would be more charitable.
Maybe if crime was actually punished people would have more self control.

Maybe you would like to 'reflect' on this Dave.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Islam's European Conquest: Is America Next?

Article by By John Griffing:

Britain, birthplace of parliamentary democracy, has fallen to Islam. Oxford, once home to the likes of C.S. Lewis, now houses a giant Eastern Islamic Studies Center. If this were the only Islamic addition to Oxford, the mood would be less somber, but when Oxford citizens are forced to awake every morning to the Muslim call to prayer with the full consent of the Church of England, nothing short of conquest has taken place.........

Read the rest By clicking here:

Errrrr, Do we need to live in Russia to hear the truth?

A recent study by think tank Civitas concluded there are around 85 Sharia courts currently operating in Britain, of which merely a dozen work within the British legal system.

While Muslim activists want to triple the number of courts by the end of the year, British human rights campaigners say Sharia justice is brutal.

Friday, 21 August 2009

Do we need to live in Russia to hear the truth?

With the controlled and bias media in the UK ignoring the British National Party, it was upto Russia Today to allow the truth to be heard.
See the RT interview with Nick Griffin MEP at the 2009 RWB festival

“Manningham Belongs to Muslims. We Don’t Want Whites.”

A Muslim who randomly slashed a white man in Manningham, telling him that the town belonged to Muslims and that whites were to be kicked out, was not charged with any racially aggravated assault but merely with wounding with intent.

Although Amir Rehman, 18, shouted racial abuse at 51-year-old Ronald O’Connor, telling him that “Manningham belongs to Muslims. We don’t want whites. We rule Bradford. We are going to get you out,” he was not charged under sections 28-32 and 82 of the Crime and Disorder Act which specifically deals with racist violence and harassment.

There can be no doubt that had the perpetrator been a white British person, he or she would have been charged under the racially aggravated legislation. It is therefore increasingly clear that the anti-racist violence law is only used against whites.

As it is, the court case only made local news in the Bradford and Argus Telegraph, with a minor follow-up story in the national Telegraph, but so far the vicious anti-white attack has been deliberately ignored by the rest of the controlled media.

Mr O’Connor tried to flee the racist attacker by running into a shop, but Rehman ran up and stabbed him twice in the upper arm with a four- to five-inch bladed knife.

The Leeds court heard that Rehman, of Lumb Lane, Manningham, was described as if in a frenzy, “like a crazy man, out of control,” as he tried to slash Mr O’Connor’s face. The palms of Mr O’Connor’s hands were slashed as he tried to defend himself.

Prosecutor Richard Gioserano said: “Rehman was swinging at him over and over again with the knife. Mr O’Connor was in great pain and in fear, literally, of his life.”

Mr O’Connor had surgery at Bradford Royal Infirmary for a deep laceration to his palm. He also suffered lacerations to his fingers and two incisions to his upper arm with apparent nerve damage.

Within hours of appearing at court for a preliminary hearing of the case in March, Rehman went to Pudsey with two other Muslims, Amar Farooq and Tanveer Hussain, where they committed a series of robberies on children on their way home from school.

The judge, Recorder David Bradshaw, told Rehman he had committed an unprovoked attack on an innocent man causing “horrendous” injuries.

He said: “I am satisfied it was accompanied by racial abuse and seemed to have a racial motive.”

* It has also been reported that Walter Chamberlain, the D-Day veteran attacked by Muslims in Oldham in 2001, has passed away from old age. Mr Chamberlain, who was 76 years old at the time of the famous incident, was walking through the Westwood district of Oldham when three Muslims demanded to know his address. He refused to tell them and was pushed to the ground and left bleeding with broken cheekbones. According to local reports, one of the attackers said: “This is our area. Get out.”

Mr Chamberlain said one of his assailants told him that he was “not allowed in this part of town because he was white.”

Mr Chamberlain took part in the D-Day landings with the Royal Navy. He was later a bus conductor in Oldham for 34 years. The attack was one of four racially motivated incidents in Oldham on that weekend"

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All those who protest against the BNP, all those who support the UAF, they are responsible for this.

Muslim Post Office Manager Bans Woman from Sending Parcel To Her Son Serving in Afghanistan

A Muslim post office manager in Cardiff has refused to serve a British soldier’s mother — because her son serves in Afghanistan.

The shocking story, which shows precisely how far mass Third World immigration has created a fifth column of anti-British elements in this country, has emerged after the woman, Mrs Maria Davies, contacted the British National Party in Wales to ask for assistance.

“Mrs Davies’ 21-year-old son is a soldier in a Welsh regiment who recently began an eight month tour of duty in Afghanistan,"

“For many mothers with sons on active service for their country, it can be a constant worry until they return safely. It is of great importance for a mother to be able to go to her local post office to send her son a parcel or money,” he said.

“Imagine, then, Mrs Davies’ shock when the owner of her local post office in Wilson Road, Ely, Cardiff, a certain Mr Khan, asked her where her son was serving.

“When she told him Afghanistan, he informed her that she was not welcome to send him anything from her post office, either packages or money,” Mr Mahoney said. He also instructed his staff not to serve her.

“All this took place publicly in the shop in front of witnesses,” he continued. “It left Mrs Davies astonished, frustrated and upset.”

Even a neighbour who later offered to post her parcel was refused service because they had identified from whom the parcel was being sent.

The post office and the shop at the end of the road is a vitally important service to the local community and Mrs Davies was bewildered at being made to feel an outcast in her own country by a hostile immigrant from the Third World.

Mrs Davies then contacted South Wales BNP and was interviewed on camera by Mr Mahoney, the result of which can be viewed below.

“We tried to contact Mr Khan to ask for a statement by telephoning him at his post office premises on 029 205 91511, but apparently he is away in India at the moment,” Mr Mahoney said.

“We spoke with his manageress though, a June Thomas who is carrying out his instructions, but she refused to comment.

“We don’t know why Mr Khan should feel he has any authority at all to dictate to British mothers in this country that they are not allowed to post parcels to British soldiers serving in Afghanistan. Maybe it would be a good idea for the British public to ask Mr Khan for themselves, in a polite fashion, of course.”

Its amazing how UNISON, TUC, NUS, Labour, Conservatives and other supporters of the UAF can justify demonstrating at the RWB festival. Is this what they want for Britain, why are they hell bent on preventing the British people voting to end this?

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Friday, 14 August 2009

The UAF's planned weekend of violence

The government backed group "Unite Against Fascism" or "UAF" have been planning to violently disrupt the British National Party's annual family friendly members fete,the "Red White and Blue", for the past few months. The UAF have been busy recruiting thugs from all over the UK with the sole purpose of causing misery and disruption to the people (including women, children and babies) attending the fete.
I write this article as testament to this fact, in the event that the UAF try to erase all evidence of it from their website:

This from the UAF website 11/08/09
We condemn the BNP’s festival of race hate

UPDATE From the Independent: BNP festival 'rallying point for neo-Nazis'

UAF statement condemning the BNP's "Red, White & Blue" event:
email to add your name

The fascist British National Party plans to hold its annual "Red, White & Blue" rally in Derbyshire on 14-16 August. The BNP bills this event as a "patriotic family festival". The truth is very different. The event will be a rallying point for neo-Nazis and racists from across Europe.

Last year guests invited to the "Red, White & Blue" by the BNP included Petra Edelmannova, a Czech neo-Nazi who calls for a "final solution to the Gypsy issue". The BNP's deputy leader Simon Darby defended this rhetoric, saying "What's wrong with people who talk frankly about their problems?".

Other guests included Marc Abramsson, a Swedish fascist who campaigns for "racially pure kindergartens". This year's guests are likely to include representatives of Jobbik, a violently racist Hungarian party that organises pogroms against Roma people.

The purpose of the BNP's event is to build up a hardened neo-Nazi core at centre of the organisation. Student BNP members have been ordered to attend a lecture on "ethno-nationalist theory" during the rally. Previous "Red, White & Blue" rallies have involved SS marching music as "entertainment". BNP leader Nick Griffin is a Holocaust denier with a criminal conviction for incitement to racial hatred.

We are already witnessing a spate of racist attacks in areas of high BNP activity. The BNP's "Red, White & Blue" will only to encourage more bigotry and violence on our streets. We condemn the BNP and its festival of race hate, and we urge people to reject this party's poisonous and anti-democratic agenda.

Dr Abdul Bari, secretary-general, Muslim Council of Britain; Lee Barron, Midlands regional secretary, Communication Workers Union; Jerry Bartlett, deputy general secretary, NASUWT; Weyman Bennett, joint secretary, Unite Against Fascism; Christine Blower, general secretary, National Union of Teachers; Sabby Dhalu, joint secretary, Unite Against Fascism; Billy Hayes, general secretary, Communication Workers Union; Chris Kitchen, national secretary, National Union of Mineworkers; Ken Livingstone, chair, Unite Against Fascism; Michael Rosen, author and former Children's Laureate; Mark Serwotka, general secretary, Public & Commercial Services union; Mick Shaw, president, Fire Brigades Union; Wes Streeting, national president, National Union of Students; Matt Wrack, general secretary, Fire Brigades Union

Here is transcript of the pdf file distributed with details of the coaches laid on for the thugs:

unite against fascism
tel 020 7801 2782 – –

Chesterfield: leaves Town Hall Steps on Rose Hill at 8am and Somerfield Car Park, Clay Cross, at 8.15am – 07554 578144
Derby: leaves the Council House at 8.15am – 07888 886354
Leicester: leaves Secular Hall, Humberstone Gate, at 7.30am – 07960 229186
Nottingham: leaves Salutation Inn, Maid Marion Way, at 8am – 07908 573991

Cambridge: leaves Parkside outside the police station at 6.45am –
Harwich: leaves Dovercourt station at 5am –
Luton: 07725 165152 –
Oxford: leaves St Giles – 07900 540683 or 07810 554456 –

Barnet & Camden: leaves Euston station at 7am – 07734 349732
Central London: leaves York Way opposite Kings Cross at 7am – 07900 558014
East London: leaves Mile End station 6am, Stratford station at 6.15am, Barking station – 07967 169394
Hackney: leaves Town Hall, Mare Street, at 6.45am – 07544 732111
Lewisham: leaves Lewisham train station at 6am – 07950 193820
North London: leaves Finsbury Park tube at 6am – 07760 287990
North West London: leaves Willesden Green tube at 8am –
South London: leaves Lambeth Town Hall, Acre Lane, at 6am – 07956 579466
Waltham Forest: leaves opposite Walthamstow Central station, Selbourne Road, at 7am – 07017 401951
West London: leaves Haven Green, Ealing Broadway, at 7.30am – 07534 906930

Blackpool: leaves Blackpool bus station at 6am –
Burnley: leaves Burnley bus station at 7.15am – 01282 832319
Chorley: leaves bus station at 7am – 07817 688835
Lancaster: leaves Town Hall, Dalton Square, at 6am –
Liverpool: leaves Hardman Street opposite The Magnet at 7.15am –
Manchester: leaves the coach station, central Manchester – 07903 586191
Preston: leaves Foster car park, University of East Lancashire, at 6.30am –

Edinburgh: leaves Waterloo Place by Princes Street at 12 midnight –
Glasgow: leaves Georges Square, city centre, at 12 midnight –

Brighton: leaves St Peter's Church at 7am – 07906 508426
Bristol: leaves Explore on Anchor Road at 7.15am – 07806 772682
Hastings: 07853 315375 –
Kent: leaves Whitstable library at 3.45am and from Canterbury – 07947 424505
Portsmouth: leaves Friday night at 11pm

Bridgend: leaves Sarn Services at 5.30am – 07792 720667
Cardiff: leaves National Musuem Of Wales steps at 6am – 07792 720667
Newport: leaves Lyceum Arms, Malpas Road, at 6.15am – 07792 720667
Swansea: leaves Upland Spa Shop at 5am – 07792 720667

Birmingham: leaves Carrs Lane, city centre, at 7am – 07852 898779
Coventry: leaves Coventry Sports Centre on Fairfax Street at 7.30am – 07703 343048
Dudley: leaves Dudley College, The Broadway, at 7.30am – 07703 343048
Lye: leaves Lye Cross opposite BP Garage at 7.15am – 07703 343048
Stourbridge: leaves Picture House, Hagley Road, at 7am – 07703 343048
Walsall: leaves St Pauls opposite the college at 8am – 07703 343048

Doncaster: leaves Waterdale at 7am – 07525 150903
Huddersfield & Halifax: leaves Halifax, St Georges Sq, at 6.30am, Huddersfield, St Georges Sq, at 6.45am – 07814 709853
Newcastle: leaves Royal Station Hotel, Central station, at 7am – 07941 760301
Sheffield & Rotherham: leaves Pond Hill, Sheaf Street, at 7.15am – 07590 044075

This taken from the website 10/08/09
Kettle the Nazi BNP in Codnor this Saturday

UPDATED Download list of coaches to Codnor here

This week sees the final push by anti-fascists for a mass protest against the BNP's annual rally in the village of Codnor, Derbyshire, on Saturday 15 August.

Unite Against Fascism has organised coaches from across the country to bring anti- Nazis to Codnor at 9am and "kettle" the BNP rally by surrounding it with protesters.

Download A5 leaflet here
Download A4 poster here

NEW Leon Kuhn's 'kettle' poster (colour) here
NEW Leon Kuhn's 'kettle' poster (b&w) here
NEW Download UAF briefing document on the RWB here

The BNP pretends that its rally is a "family friendly festival". In fact it serves to indoctrinate BNP supporters in the party's Nazi ideology and forge links between the organisation and other fascist groups in Europe.

This year the rally will include a "speech by a senior party official on the subject of Ethno Nationalist Theory" that all student BNP members are required to attend.

The event is also likely to feature "guests" from the BNP's new allies in the European parliament -- such as France's Front National, Belgium's Vlaams Belang and Hungary's openly antisemitic Jobbik party, which has recently been involved in organising violent attacks on Roma gypsies in Hungary.

The actions of this UAF planned violence has resulted in significant costs to police the 'protest':

An un-manned small drone aircraft will be used to video the event and protest.

Police said they expected a number of groups to meet at Codnor Market Place on Saturday morning to protest against the BNP's event and a protest march was due to be held on Saturday morning.

Peace and safety

Senior officers said "a significant policing operation was being put in place over the weekend in the area and local people could face some disruption".

Acting Assistant Chief Constable Steve Cotterill said: "Our main aim for this weekend is that it passes off peacefully and any disruption is kept to a minimum.

"We are expecting a lot of people to come to this part of Derbyshire both to attend the Red, White and Blue event and also to protest against it.

"We are very mindful of the impact that such large number of people coming into a relatively small area can have on the local community and we have been working closely with Amber Valley Borough Council, residents and all the interested parties.

"The people attending Red, White and Blue have a right to do so in peace and safety but we also realise that people have the right to protest in a lawful and peaceful way. Local people also have the right to be able to go about their lives as normal."

It seems the UAF do not care how much their actions cost the taxpayer, they do not care about the people of Codnor, they do not care that the BNP are a legal political party with many democratically elected local councillors, a member of the London Greater Assembly and 2 MEP's, they do not care about the babies and children they will be terrorising over the weekend.

This article is evidence of the preplanned violence orchestrated by the UAF, it seems they are opposed to a democracy that doesnt do as they say.
I have only 4 words to the UAF thugs:

Thursday, 13 August 2009

The 'right' type of immigrant

I actually read an article today that tells of how a guy from Togo caught and detained a mugger of a 70 year old lady in Sheffield.

Now if only ALL immigrants had this mans attitude.
This story now brings the grand total of 'good' immigrant stories this year to 2.
You can read the first article HERE
And you can read the story of Mr Kouassi on the 'mailonline' website HERE

Well done Mr Kouassi and thank you.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

The violent new breed of migrants who will let nothing stop them coming to Britain

This story is from the mailonline:

Some still try to get through by clinging to the undercarriage of lorries. Others have been found hidden in 'coffins' - plastic containers with tiny air vents - close to death.

Either way, you can be certain of one thing: that when a truck stops on the now notorious Rue des Garennes on the outskirts of Calais, someone will emerge and attempt to get on board. Day or night.

So it was late on Wednesday afternoon when Mail photographer Will Leach trained his lens on an HGV stopping for petrol about 50 yards from his own car. An all-too-familiar scene was unfolding.

Two would-be asylum seekers were climbing into the gap behind the cab and the trailer. You can see them in his dramatic footage. One is in a sweatshirt and tracksuit bottoms and there is a gold ring on his finger. He is no more than 18 or 19. His companion is in a leather jacket and baseball cap.

The time, recorded on the clock on Will's camera, is 18.01. He was unable to capture what happened next on film. For, moments after the picture was taken, the migrant with the gold ring began sprinting towards him armed with a lump of concrete.

'Out of the corner of my eye I saw two other figures rushing out of the bushes so I put the car into gear and my foot down hard on the accelerator,' he says. The first missile shattered the rear windscreen.

The second obliterated a back window on the driver's side, showering 26-year-old Will with shards of glass. A third left a huge dent in the bodywork of the car.

'An occupational hazard' is how he later calmly described being ambushed. Nevertheless, he could have been badly injured or even killed.

The evidence, if any were needed, was inside his car: a lump of concrete the size of two cricket balls.

It smashed into the headrest of the front passenger seat. Had it not been there, it might not have been such a lucky escape.

We had come to Calais to investigate the escalating violence by illegal immigrants after a spate of 'highway robberies' involving British holidaymakers.

Was the violence becoming more indiscriminate, as local reports suggested? At 18.01 on Wednesday we had our answer.

A shanty town of makeshift tents has sprung up in woods bordering Rue des Garennes, where Will Leach came under attack. They call it The Jungle.

The population of mainly refugees from Afghanistan is around 800 - and growing. Conditions and health problems in The Jungle - where fights and feuds between rival factions are commonplace - are akin to the trenches, according to a French doctor who has been there.

But The Jungle - or at least the law of the jungle - has now extended beyond the boundaries of this godforsaken 'community'. Death threats. Assaults. Robberies. This is now the way of things in Rue des Garennes, one of the main routes in and out of the ferry port.

A security guard at an American owned company on the mile-long stretch was clubbed over the head with an iron bar a few weeks ago.

At a nearby truckers' cafe, the owner has had knives pulled on him so many times he is considering pulling out (a number of businesses already have), and at least two British families have been 'carjacked' after being forced to stop by immigrants forming a human chain across the road.

Anyone, it seems - not just journalists who might be perceived as a threat - is fair game. Police have now stepped up patrols. This not just a story spun by the local council's public relations department. We saw the evidence for ourselves.

'This is now routine,' said an officer who was leading up to 20 of his men into The Jungle - from three vans bearing the letters CRS - on Thursday morning. CRS stands for Compagnie Republiquaine de Securite: the elite - and feared - French riot force.

The officers were armed with tear gas, handguns and batons. A 'routine' inspection of the camp takes place at least once a week, every week.

There is a terrible irony at the heart of the so-called 'siege of Calais'. Those are not our words. They belong to the mayor of Calais, Natacha Bouchard. The irony is that migrants are finding it harder to get into Britain through the port because of increased security on both sides of the Channel.

Yet the number trying to reach the UK has increased, to more than 2,000 a month - a figure that has doubled over the past year. The desperation behind these statistics can be found in three adjoining houses on the edge of Quai de La Moselle, a vast open space in the middle of Calais. Around 50 men and women from Eritrea and other African countries have turned the properties into a squat.

Outside, in a walled yard, one of the residents, a 25-year-old from Kenya, picks up a four-inch metal bolt that is attached to coat-hanger wire. Every month, he says, he heats up the bolt and then, one by one, touches the scolding metal with his fingertips, which doesn't cause major scarring, but alters the texture and appearance of the skin.

It's an excruciatingly painful but effective way, he explains, of removing your fingerprints. 'I have to do this regularly because your prints can grow back,' he says.

Migrants can be deported if fingerprint checks reveal they have lodged asylum applications elsewhere. No fingerprints, no deportation; instead the opportunity to stay in Calais, from where you can try to enter Britain.

Already the young Kenyan has made 30 such attempts in the six months since he arrived. He said that four others in the squat have also burned off their fingerprints.

His claims would be hard to believe had the phenomenon not been confirmed by the authorities here. At least 57 asylum seekers questioned in the port over the past few weeks have had their fingerprints - and sometimes even the tips of their fingers - erased. Most placed their fingers on a heated oven hob. Knife and razor scars were also commonplace.

The kind of people who are prepared to mutilate themselves to conceal their identities will do almost anything. It is a situation that is being exploited more than ever by people traffickers.

When we entered The Jungle on Rue des Garennes earlier this week such people, we were told, were not in the camp. They were back in Pakistan and Afghanistan, but not here. The police tell a different story.

A single raid by the CRS in April resulted in 194 arrests of suspected people traffickers. In other words, nearly a quarter of those living in this sprawling cardboard and tarpaulin city had possible criminal links.

It is extremely difficult to build a case strong enough to put before the courts. So almost all of them had to be released. 'Technically, we can return them to the country they arrived from,' said a police source. 'They usually say Belgium but if we take them there they just come straight back again.'

Good for Belgium. Not so good for Calais, which is bearing the brunt of an international crisis that is having a disastrous effect on tourism and business in the town.

Many of the migrants here are children, and you'd have to have a hard heart not to feel some sympathy for a 14-year-old boy like Dil Khan, whose family handed him over - blindfolded - to a gang they paid to smuggle him out of wartorn Afghanistan. They wanted to give him the chance of a better life; instead, he now shares a hovel with another poor wretch.

Or 16-year-old Jan Jamal, who lost four fingers on his left hand in a bomb blast in the same country. Jamal repeatedly pointed to the boot of our car when we spoke to him and a friend in Rue des Garennes. 'We can fit. We can fit,' he kept saying. What he meant was: 'Please take us with you.'

Pitiful stories. Equally tragic examples of forgotten youngsters were standing in the long, winding queue for the twice-daily soup kitchen in Quai de La Moselle near the squat where the young Kenyan we spoke to scratches out an existence.

But you do not have to be in Calais long to realise this is not the whole picture. Not today, anyway. Many of the 'poverty-stricken' migrants have mobile phones and new clothes.

It's no mystery. At the Hotel de Poste - the local post office - in Place De Reims in the town centre, the woman in charge reveals how some of her most regular customers are asylum seekers.

The branch is small, no bigger than a corner shop. Yet every day migrants come in to collect money, transferred to them via the Western Union bank, from relatives overseas, including many in Britain. The payments are made out in cash with the production of a valid ID.

Most migrants have papers to meet this requirement. The branch itself handles about 45 such transactions a day. The average is 500 euros (£430). 'It's a massive amount for a small post office,' said the manageress.

Once upon a time, Calais used to be synonymous with shopping trips to stock up on duty-free food and drink for Christmas. But a spokesman for the mayor's office admitted: 'Calais is now blighted as a place to do business, and as a place to live.'

The problems facing the town, it is claimed, are reminiscent of the 'worst days of Sangatte'. The Red Cross Centre at the village outside Calais was shut down in 2002 over its role as a magnet for would-be illegal immigrants.

Five years on and many in Calais, including the mayor herself, blame Britain for what is happening. If Britain were not perceived as 'El Dorado', they say, there would be fewer migrants. She has a point.

A meeting, attended by French immigration minister Eric Besson, was held at the Tioxide factory a few weeks ago to listen to the views of those who work and live near the Rue des Garennes.

Just days earlier, a nightwatchman evicted two residents from The Jungle who had broken into the plant. For months, small groups had been getting in to use the shower facilities and to charge their mobile phones. On this occasion, the two young men decided to come back.

They found the guard and smashed him over the head with a metal bar. Had he not been wearing a helmet, Philippe Ficquoy might not be turning up for duty today.

Other staff, we learned, have also been attacked over the past few months, and have received death threats. Some local businessmen have already thrown in the towel.

One moved his caravan showroom out of Calais after experiencing intimidation and break-ins. Another who owned a yard selling second-hand pallets has closed altogether.

Then last week, two British families found their cars surrounded by migrants. In the first carjacking, the male driver was forced to throw his wallet out of the window after having a knife waved in his face.

Among those who was at the meeting with Mr Besson was Chris Wood, 63, who set up his business, Eurostop, selling beer and wine 20 years ago. His offices and warehouses are the closest buildings to The Jungle. He said his profits are down 50 per cent because of the problems in Rue des Garennes.

'A lot of lorry drivers are now too nervous to stop here because they know as soon as they get out of their cabs people from the camp will try to get in the back, and when they are challenged they can get very nasty,' said Mr Wood, who has a French wife and three children.

Mr Wood himself has been threatened with iron bars and cut-throat gestures. 'The police are doing the best they can,' he said. 'But I think the situation is now out of control.'

The closure of the Red Cross centre was supposed to help relieve the pressure on Calais by discouraging migrants from coming to this area. In fact, almost the complete opposite is true, and no one on either side of the Channel seems even remotely close to finding a solution.

For the thousands of British families who will run the gauntlet of these lawless streets in their cars this summer, it is a chilling prospect.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Labour alligned to Euro Nazis

Here is something that doesnt happen every day.

A Romanian mayor has been strongly criticised after appearing dressed in a Nazi uniform at a local fashion show.

Radu Mazare, mayor of Constanta, appeared at the event with his similarly dressed 15-year-old son.

His party is allied to Labour MEPs in the Socialist Group (which glories in the new abbreviation SAD: Socialists and Democrats).How ironic is that! This would be front page news if they where allied to the BNP.

Typically the jews had something to say:
"The Simon Wiesenthal human rights centre called on Mr Mazare to admit his mistake, apologise and resign."

You dont hear gypsies, Soviet prisoners of war (POWs). Large numbers of Roma (or Gypsies), Poles, left of center political prisoners, homosexuals, people with disabilities, Jehovah's Witnesses, Catholic clergy, Eastern European intellectuals, and others—including common criminals. who the Nazis also killed in concentration camps going on about it ad nauseum.

Full story here:
and here:

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Forced to pray to Allah

ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE: -> Schoolboys punished with detention for refusing to kneel in class and pray to Allah

Two schoolboys were given detention after refusing to kneel down and 'pray to Allah' during a religious education lesson.

Parents were outraged that the two boys from year seven (11 to 12-year-olds) were punished for not wanting to take part in the practical demonstration of how Allah is worshipped.

They said forcing their children to take part in the exercise at Alsager High School, near Stoke-on-Trent - which included wearing Muslim headgear - was a breach of their human rights.

One parent, Sharon Luinen, said: "This isn't right, it's taking things too far.

"I understand that they have to learn about other religions. I can live with that but it is taking it a step too far to be punished because they wouldn't join in Muslim prayer.

"Making them pray to Allah, who isn't who they worship, is wrong and what got me is that they were told they were being disrespectful.

"I don't want this to look as if I have a problem with the school because I am generally very happy with it."

Another parent Karen Williams said: "I am absolutely furious my daughter was made to take part in it and I don't find it acceptable.

"I haven't got a problem with them teaching my child other religions and a small amount of information doesn't do any harm.

"But not only did they have to pray, the teacher had gone into the class and made them watch a short film and then said 'we are now going out to pray to Allah'.

"Then two boys got detention and all the other children missed their refreshment break because of the teacher.

"Not only was it forced upon them, my daughter was told off for not doing it right.

"They'd never done it before and they were supposed to do it in another language."

"My child has been forced to pray to Allah in a school lesson." The grandfather of one of the pupils in the class said: "It's absolutely disgusting, there's no other way of putting it.

"My daughter and a lot of other mothers are furious about their children being made to kneel on the floor and pray to Islam. If they didn't do it they were given detention.

"I am not racist, I've been friendly with an Indian for 30 years. I've also been to a Muslim wedding where it was explained to me that alcohol would not be served and I respected that.

"But if Muslims were asked to go to church on Sunday and take Holy Communion there would be war."

Parents said that their children were made to bend down on their knees on prayer mats which the RE teacher had got out of her cupboard and they were also told to wear Islamic headgear during the lesson on Tuesday afternoon.

Deputy headmaster Keith Plant said: "It's difficult to know at the moment whether this was part of the curriculum or not. I am not an RE teacher, I am an English teacher.

"At the moment it is our enterprise week and many of our members of staff are away.

"The particular member of staff you need to speak to isn't around. I think that it is a shame that so many parents have got in touch with the Press before coming to me.

"I have spoken to the teacher and she has articulately given me her version of events, but that is all I can give you at the moment."

A statement from Cheshire County Council on behalf of the school read: "The headteacher David Black contacted this authority immediately complaints were received.

"Enquiries are being made into the circumstances as a matter of urgency and all parents will be informed accordingly.

"Educating children in the beliefs of different faith is part of the diversity curriculum on the basis that knowledge is essential to understanding.

"We accept that such teaching is to be conducted with some sense of sensitivity."


Friday, 10 July 2009

The British Nazi Party

The current government of Britain are now preventing elected MEPS from doing their job:

UK diplomats shun BNP officials in Europe

Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons will be denied some of the access and socialising afforded to 70 other British representatives

The government is to single out Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons, the British National party's two newly elected representatives in the European parliament, for special treatment, denying them some of the access and information afforded to all the other 70 UK MEPs.

Under new guidelines drafted in Whitehall and in the Foreign Office following the June elections to the European parliament, the two BNP leaders will be kept at arm's length from the kind of routine contacts and socialising that take place between British civil servants and MEPs in Brussels and Strasbourg.

When the new parliament convenes next week in Strasbourg, Glenys Kinnock, the new Europe minister, is to host a reception for all British MEPs. Only Griffin and Brons have not been invited.

"Officials will not engage in any other contact with elected representatives of any nationality who represent extremist or racist views, unless specific permission has been granted to do so on a particular occasion from the FCO permanent under-secretary and the minister for Europe," a government spokesperson said.

The official said that the BNP duo would be subject to the "same general principles governing official impartiality" and they would receive "standard written briefings as appropriate from time to time".

But British diplomats made plain that they would not be "proactive" in dealing with the BNP MEPs and that any requests for policy briefings from Griffin or Brons would be treated differently and on a discretionary basis.

A Brussels-based civil servant said it was acceptable for him to meet MEPs across the party spectrum for a drink, but that any such meetings with Griffin or Brons would be frowned upon.

The MEPs of the anti-EU UK Independence Party have been invited to next week's government reception.

Nigel Farage, the Ukip leader, said he was satisfied that he was treated equally by the 155 diplomats and civil servants working at the British mission to the EU, known as Ukrep, in Brussels.

"During the British [EU] presidency in 2005, I remember Jack Straw telling me that we'll be treated the same as all the others," said Farage. "If we ring Ukrep, we would expect to be treated fairly by them. If we contact them, they help us even though they're almost certainly closer to the other parties. We've not found them to withhold stuff from us if we ask."

Chris Davies, the Liberal Democrat MEP, said that the BNP represented a special case and that the government was entitled to differentiate in its dealings with elected representatives.

"A line has been crossed [with the BNP]. It's a difference of degree. It's not surprising that the government has to draw up guidelines to deal with a different situation."

Following the European elections, the civil service and government officials considered a range of options for dealing with the BNP, from an inclusive non-discriminatory approach to total quarantine, effectively ostracising them. David Miliband, the foreign secretary, is said to have signed off a decision that would bar the BNP people from government and embassy events in Brussels, while providing the extremists with some policy information.

It is about time the UK had an elected P.M. instead of an unelected dictator whos party members are destroying democracey.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Why the UK needs to adopt the Italian immigration laws.

Read the original article on the Telegraph website HERE

Migrants are going to Britain, come hell or high water

Gazing across the Channel in the direction of the white cliffs of Dover, Amir Gul stood on Calais beach and imagined himself on the other side - and living the dream that has brought him 3,500 miles from Afghanistan.

"A hundred times in the past month I have tried to get into lorries," the 15-year-old said in fluent English. "The police or drivers always throw me off and sometimes they beat me. But I will not stop until I reach London, unless I am killed trying, even if it takes me a year."

In the sand dunes and scraps of waste ground around Calais, a ragged army of migrants desperate to breach British border controls is slowly growing in number, and they are as determined as ever.

Nobody is sure how many live in the squatter camps or sleep rough in parks, but the United Nations estimates that there are now around 1,500 in the Calais area alone – a figure steadily approaching the 2,500 who were to be found at Sangatte refugee camp before it was closed in 2002.

Security has been tightened at the port and far fewer illegal migrants get through to Britain now, according to the UK's Border Control Agency. It told The Sunday Telegraph that effective control of Calais port and the routes across the Channel was a success story.

But the fact that it is harder to reach Britain merely means that the migrants - almost all of them men and boys - hang around in Calais for even longer, months instead of weeks, as they attempt to stow away on lorries or in cars.

Meanwhile they live in conditions which are so appalling that last week the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees opened an office in the town, only the second in Europe for an agency which is more typically found in troublespots like Congo or Pakistan.

UN officials feel they must do something for the inhabitants of the stinking "jungles" where desperate men and boys fight each other with knives and suffer diseases like scabies and TB, as the filth, frustration and violence take their toll.

The UNHCR works with hard-pressed charities that try to help the migrants and encourages them to apply for asylum in France. But only 120 enquiries have been made in the past month.

"France is no good. I want to get into London because I will get a house and money, and I can work there," said an Afghan man who was killing time in a park until nightfall, when he was going to look for a lorry to hide in.

On the beach, French families in swimming trunks and bikinis were enjoying themselves in the sunshine apparently oblivious to the young Afghans and Iraqis washing their grimy clothes in the surf.

Mr Gul knows it could be months before he successfully stows away in a lorry - or even in the boot of an unwary motorist - and sneak across the Channel to his promised land, now so tantalisingly close.

Until then he will have to sleep rough in a filthy camp, hidden in a thicket of thorn bushes behind the beach. He sleeps under a plastic tarpaulin donated by a charity, trying to ignore the stench from the surrounding bushes which are used as a lavatory.

Every day at noon he walks through the suburbs of Calais to a soup kitchen in a car park, where gangs of Africans, Iraqis and Afghans jostle and argue in the queue. Tribal and ethnic differences rankle, and knives are pulled when tempers fray.

Caroline Nazanin, a nurse who has worked in the camps, said: "The frustration drives some of them crazy - they become violent and fight each other when arguments get out of control."

Yet despite all this, Mr Gul had no interest in seeking asylum in France. He was determined to stay in Calais for as long as it takes for him to stow away succesfully and get to Britain.

Marie-Ange Lascure, UNHCR's spokeswoman, said migrants were arriving in bigger numbers than a few years ago. "They want to go to England because the people smugglers tell them it is a beautiful place, where they can easily earn money to send home to their families," she said.

Persuading them to instead claim asylum in France was a struggle, she admitted.

Under an EU rule whereby an asylum claim must be made in the first safe port of entry, if the migrants have already been fingerprinted on arrival in Greece or Italy the French authorities can deport them back there.

So some migrants scar their fingertips by heating up a plate until it is hot, then pressing their fingers to it. For several weeks the fingers are too blistered for prints to be taken, providing temporary relief from the risk of deportation if they are arrested or checked.

Residents of Calais have become increasingly worried by the growing desperation of migrants, and last year elected a conservative-minded mayor, Natacha Bouchart, who blames the temptation of Britain's generous welfare state for attracting migrants to their town. "Calais is a hostage to the British," she complained earlier this year.

Jean-Lou Hereng, 46, who owns a café near the biggest camp, known as the "jungle", said: "The problem is as bad as it has ever been. They are aggressive and dirty, and there are fights between them."

Other Frenchmen are more sympathetic. "It is difficult for us, and it is difficult for them," said Jonathan Corbeau, 22, a welder who lived almost opposite an encampment of Afghans. Nevertheless, he had put up a strong fence and bought a dog after his wife was molested by migrants a few weeks ago.

French police frequently raid the camps, and sometimes destroy them. Sixteen vanloads of CRS riot police arrived on Thursday as bulldozers levelled a derelict warehouse which 30 Sudanese from the war-torn province of Darfur had been using as a temporary home.

"My money and clothes are now buried under there," one of them said, gesturing at a pile of tons of debris. He had simply moved with his friends a few yards to a take over a small park.

Many of the Afghans, who are now the majority of migrants at Calais, said they had fled the Taliban. Samim Siddique, 24, from Khost, rolled up his trouser leg to show a bayonet scar where he had been tortured by terrorists who wanted him to carry a bomb into the university where he was studying.

"The Taliban don't like education, and there was no place where I would be safe from them in Afghanistan," he said. "We all want to go to England, we speak the language and we can work there. I want to study IT, and then set up a print business.

"We hate being in this camp, it is the life of an animal here. We have to wait for months to get into a lorry, but every week a couple of boys don't come back in the morning - they have caught a lorry across the sea.

"I will keep trying. One day I will get to England."


Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Muslims in Britain Have Religious Duty to “Fight the British and Americans”

Muslims living in Britain are under orders from Sharia courts to regard “fighting with Britons and Americans as a religious duty” a shocking new report on Sharia courts in Britain has claimed.

Issued by independent think tank Civitas, the new report, called “Sharia Law or ‘One Law for All’?” and authored by Islamic specialist Denis MacEoin, also says that there are now around 85 Sharia courts in Britain.

The open declaration of war - Jihad - against ordinary British and American people by Islamic law courts is a damning indictment of the treason committed by the Tory and Labour parties in allowing millions of Muslims to settle in Britain.

In addition to the horrifying declaration of holy war against British and American people, the Sharia courts operating in Britain have also ordered that:

- Sharia law must override the judgements of British courts;

- Muslims living in this country are under orders to disobey Britain’s laws when it contradicts Islamic values;

- Muslims are forbidden to take out insurance, even if required by (UK) law.

- There is no requirement to register a marriage according to the law of the country;

- Polygamous marriage (that is, two to four wives) is legal; and

- A Muslim lawyer has to act contrary to UK law where it contradicts Sharia.

According to a press release issued today by Civitas, the courts operate inside the rapidly spreading network of mosques throughout Britain.

In the press release, Mr MacEoin wrote that it is extremely difficult to find out what goes on in these 85 courts, so he has relied on a range of fatwas issued by popular online fatwa sites, run out of or accessed through mosques in the UK as an indication of the sort of rulings these Sharia courts are making.

Only five of the Sharia law courts are publicly known and run by the Muslim Arbitration Tribunal, a body whose rulings are enforced through the state courts under the 1996 Arbitration Act.

However, Mr MacEoin said that “Sharia courts should not be recognised under the Arbitration Act.

“Sharia courts operating in Britain may be handing down rulings that are inappropriate to this country because they are linked to elements in Islamic law that are seriously out of step with trends in Western legislation,” Mr MacEoin wrote.

The revelation that Sharia rulings or fatwas are being enforced through state courts by the Muslim Arbitration Tribunal (MAT) has alarmed many, especially as the Arbitration Act, under which this takes place, specifically excludes divorce and childcare cases.

“Under most interpretations of Islam a person who leaves the faith is an apostate who can be put to death. While this threat remains, it cannot be accepted that Sharia councils are nothing more than independent arbitrators guided by faith,” the Civitas press release continued.

“The reality is that for many Muslims, Sharia courts are in practice part of an institutionalised atmosphere of intimidation, backed by the ultimate sanction of a death threat. The underlying problem is that Sharia law reflects male-dominated Asian and Arabic cultures. It cannot therefore be accepted as a legally valid basis even for settling private disagreements in a country like ours, where our law embodies the equal legal status of everyone, regardless of race, gender or religion.”

Mr MacEoin wrote in his conclusion that the “introduction of Sharia law into this country is a recipe for a dichotomous legal system that holds Muslims and non-Muslims to different standards.

“This is not a matter of eating halal meat or seeking God’s blessing on one’s marriage. It is a challenge to what we believe to be the rights and freedoms of the individual, to our concept of a legal system based on what Parliament enacts, and to the right of all of us to live in a society as free as possible from ethnic-religious division or communal claims to superiority and a special status that puts them in some respects above the law to which we are all bound.”

* In their coverage of the Civitas press release, all of the mainstream media deliberately suppressed the part dealing with the Sharia courts’ declaration of Jihad against British and American people.

Sharia courts are operating in Britain, handing down rulings that may be inappropriate to this country, being linked to elements in Islamic law that are seriously out of step with trends in Western legislation that derive from the values of the Enlightenment and are inherent in modern codes of human rights. Sharia rulings contain great potential for controversy and may involve acts contrary to UK legal norms and human rights legislation. Denis MacEoin argues against the wider use of sharia law.

About the Author: Dr Denis MacEoin holds degrees from Trinity College, Dublin, Edinburgh University and Cambridge (King’s College). From 1979 80, he taught at Mohammed V University in Fez, Morocco, before taking up a post as lecturer in Arabic and Islamic Studies at Newcastle. In 1986, he was made Honorary Fellow in the Centre for Islamic and Middle East Studies at Durham University.

Friday, 12 June 2009

New Labour

Gordon's Brownshirts

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

BNP Press Conference 10 June 2009

Here is part of the press conference given by the BNP on 10 June 2009:

Michael Coren: Britain's Labour party is reaping what it sowed

The following is an article that can be found here:

The definition of a Fascist? Someone who is winning an argument against a liberal. In other words, the term is so abused in North America that it has little or no meaning. Not so in Britain, Holland, Hungary and elsewhere where ultra-nationalists won seats in last week’s European Community elections.

This was, however, more of a rumble than a revolution. In Britain the perfect political storm emerged for the far right with an intensely unpopular government, a parliamentary corruption scandal, an economic recession, a dramatically low electoral turnout and a polarizing Islamic population. Even so, the British National Party received around 6% of the vote and returned two members to the European assembly. It is most unlikely that it could ever elect an MP in the House of Commons but the result has managed to introduce a new sound into the British governmental symphony. Panic. The establishment parties have been forced to realize that a growing number of people are angry with the way their sometimes valid anxieties are being treated.

In the early- and mid-1980s, while working for Britain’s New Statesman magazine, I reported on the then-National Front and its racist friends on the European continent. Teutonic supermen they were not. More a circus of outcasts, sexual deviants and soccer thugs. National socialism preached from a spare room in mum’s house. George Orwell encapsulated it rather nicely when he contrasted the Germans with the English of the 1930s. The former, he said, cry with emotion when they see their soldiers goose-stepping. The latter would fall about laughing.

The British National Party does not goose-step. It has worked diligently to expunge the Nazi image of previous rightist parties, claiming to be nationalist rather than Fascist. It’s both true and false. Almost every believing right-wing extremist supports the BNP, but most BNP supporters are not right-wing extremists. Indeed, while the party is not trusted by the vast majority of minority groups, it does has a Jewish municipal councillor and some support in elements of the black, Hindu and Sikh communities.

Most of all, it has support within a white working-class that has been taken for granted by the Labour Party for half a century.
These are the unheard, the anonymous, the ordinary. The sort of people who fight the wars, build the cities and hold the country together. When, however, they complain of the disappearance of their culture and values and speak of inner-city crime and decay, their collective cry is dismissed as racism by a political and social elite that can afford not to understand. The BNP, employing the tested tactic of fascism, merely takes advantage of the situation.

The new number in the equation is Islam, and the number is growing. While there is an expanding and quintessentially English Muslim middle class and a strong resistance to fundamentalism, Islamic isolationism is a major factor now in dozens of British cities. Entire self-imposed ghettoes resembling Mecca Road rather than Coronation Street make routinely tolerant, moderate British people feel excluded, afraid and irrelevant.

This is not mere fantasy. There are honour killings, Muslim gang crime aimed at the white community, young Muslim men dealing drugs and prostitution. There is also a political fanaticism that culminated in the 2005 terror attacks which killed 52 people and injured 700.

The response of the traditional parties, the churches and the BBC is to try to silence the already largely powerless with lectures about Islamophobia. It’s disingenuous, patronizing and counter-productive. A new conversation has to be formed, and sensitive yet difficult questions have to be asked of everybody concerned, including British Muslims and their new left-wing comrades. Otherwise the laughter might stop and the marching begin. Even in good old England.
National Post
Author and broadcaster Michael Coren’s Web site is

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

The fascist dictatorship

Welcome to the new world order, the fascist dictatorship.

After the European election results the true nature of the British 'mainstream' parties is starting to show. First off we had the government organised UAF involved in an extremely violent protest that left at least 1 innocent tourist injured:

Then we have tory shadow cabinet minister Julian Lewis seeking to influence the media's reporting and coverage of the BNP by an act of parliament:

In a shocking display of the fascist nature of the Tory Party, shadow cabinet member Julian Lewis has called in parliament for a new law to force the media to be biased against the British National Party.

Mr Lewis, who is MP for New Forest East, revealed his inherent anti-democratic leanings by expressing “concern that television and radio stations will have to apply impartiality rules” to the BNP now that it has two MEPs.

The mere fact that Mr Lewis should even make such a statement shows that he has absolutely no respect for the democratic process. The BNP has polled just on one million votes in the European elections, compared to the Tory’s four million. A party that can draw 25 percent of the Tory vote is not a minor player, yet Mr Lewis feels comfortable in openly calling for the media to remain biased against the BNP.

His comments are even more remarkable because they reveal that there are in fact “impartiality rules” which have never been applied to the BNP before.

Labour’s Culture Secretary Ben Bradshaw said in answer to Mr Lewis’s comments that the BNP election victory posed a “dilemma” for the media.

During Commons question time, Mr Lewis put the BNP gains down to the voting system used for the European Parliament, rather than the fact that nearly a million people voted for the party.

He asked Mr Bradshaw: “Do you accept that this raises very serious issues for the concept of due impartiality by the BBC and independent television when reporting political matters? What conversations do you propose to have with the broadcasting authorities to ensure that appropriate fairness doesn’t mean a platform to spout unacceptable views?”

Put in plain English, Mr Lewis was asking what measures the government was going to put in place to prevent the media from reporting fairly on the BNP’s policies.

Observers have pointed out that Mr Lewis is actually firmly in step with his party. Tory leader David Cameron is a co-signatory to the UAF charter, and therefore implicitly associates himself and his party with the anti-democratic thugs who smash up press conferences and attack people with claw hammers.

Mr Cameron has also had a lot to say in the past few days about BNP MEPs, but has ignored the fact that Sinn Fein MEPs are also going to Brussels - elected by a party which has been responsible for the deaths of British subjects and soldiers.

Perhaps this should also come as no surprise, considering that the Tories supported the war in Iraq which has led to the deaths of hundreds of British soldiers and hundreds of thousands of civilians.


Monday, 8 June 2009

BNP wins 2 European Parliament Seats!

The 2 BNP candidates Elected are:

BNP Chairman Nick Griffin: North West: 8%

Andrew Brons: Yorkshire: 9.8%

Monday, 1 June 2009

Euro Election is Imminent, VOTE!

No new post for a while, but now we need to think about who we are going to vote for on 4 June.


The problem comes from the fact that most polling stations are manned by just two people, invariably town hall bureaucrats.

So very often two individuals, who know each other from work are left in total control of hundreds of ballot papers. Towards the end of the day, it is absurdly easy for such crooks to check down the electoral roll for the names of people who haven’t been in to vote, and to issue themselves their votes, while no-one else is in the polling station.

They simply cross these ‘ghost’ voters off on the electoral roll as if they had indeed been in to vote in person. This means that the number of votes cast tallies with the number of voters marked as having voted, and no one ever knows the fraud has even taken place.

The only danger they face of getting caught is if someone comes in to vote whose vote they have already stolen, but they deal with this simply by keeping their hands or a piece of paper over the register to block the voter’s view as they issue him or her with the unused ballot paper of someone else who hasn’t voted. Especially in a low turnout election like a European contest, it really is easy and almost foolproof.

Almost, but not quite! All it takes is for one person in any polling district to spot that someone has already used their vote and the police can be called in.

By checking with people who appear to have voted they can then easily find out whether a vote has been stolen by a member of the public coming in and claiming to be someone else (a separate but lesser problem which only exists because of the lately made up rule that voters do not need their polling cards), or whether a larger number of stolen votes have been cast, in which case the finger points very firmly at the bureaucrats running the polling station.

All voters are urged to be on the lookout for this polling station fraud committed by corrupt officials casting ghost votes this Thursday.

You can do your bit to make it too risky for anyone except the most crazed activist to risk simply by waiting to vote until quite late in the day (remember that polling stations close at 10 p.m. exactly, so don’t risk getting there so late that you lose your right to vote).

When you go in and tell the official who you are or hand in your polling card, stay close to the table and watch like a hawk as they find you on the list of voters and cross your name off. Make sure that it really is your name and, if by chance you have already been crossed off, take a photo on your mobile of the sheet, and of the official, and CALL THE POLICE IMMEDIATELY.

Then call your local organiser. When the police come insist that they investigate the theft of your vote as the very serious piece of electoral fraud that it would be.

It’s a scandal that dwarves the sickening disgrace of MPs’ expenses, because the old party crooks aren’t just taking our taxes, they are stealing the democracy that generations of Britons have given their lives to secure for every British citizen. So please do your bit to fight vote stealing – Vote Once, Vote Late!

Before you make your final decision, watch this:

Thank you.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

EXCLUSIVE! Tony Blair sees the light!

The previous P.M. of the U.K. has been seen promoting 'The British National Party' for the European Elections to be held on the 4th of June 2009.

This exclusive news came to light after it was discovered that the cover of 'Foreign Policy' magazine had to be changed at the last minute before publication due to the image being classed as 'racists'.

A Labour M.P. told us 'A picture of a white Englishman holding a sign promoting the British National Party could potentially lead to every non white person on the planet spontaneously combusting and would then cause the Earths magnetic poles to shift resulting in the destruction of the universe, we therefore had to insist this cover was replaced due to health and safety reasons.'

Remeber, you read it here first!

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Post Office worker leaves job

Here is an update on a previous post:
Post office boss bans customers with poor English

Here is the follow up as reported by the BBC

A postmaster from Nottingham who refused to serve customers who could not speak English has left his job.

Sri Lankan-born Deva Kumarasiri, who worked at the sub post office on Sneinton Boulevard, made the national news after announcing his policy.

He had claimed non-English speakers frustrated other customers and made it difficult to do his job properly.

Mr Kumarasiri said most people supported him but a "small minority" launched a petition against him.

"I was forced out by a small minority of people who don't want to integrate into society," he said.

He claimed he was threatened and said Muslim leaders in the community started a petition against him, so he moved at his own request.

He said he would now work at a different branch.

Managers at the Post Office said the service was for all and they were concerned about the impact on trade.

There were also reports Polish migrants had been boycotting the branch.

Abida Raja, whose family runs the branch, said they had to take action: "It was my brother's decision because obviously he was very upset by those comments, because we're losing customers because of it.

"He had to do something about it, because obviously we don't feel that way about anyone else, we don't discriminate against any customer coming in, because obviously the customers keep the business going."

Mr Kumarasami's policy had also been criticised by the local Racial Equality Council and MP for Nottingham East, John Heppell.

Mr Heppell said: "This was a little bit strange. What do you do with tourists?

"If I was abroad and if someone refused to sell me a stamp because my French or German was not good enough, I think I would have every right to be offended and I suspect people in this country would be offended by what this man was doing."

Mr Kumarasiri had told the BBC he had turned away about six customers who had wasted his time and annoyed other customers by not being able to understand English.

He had said: "I am part of a service but how can I serve them if I don't understand what they are asking for?

"When I came to England I obeyed the British way of life, I got into the British way of life.

"That is what I ask everyone else to do - respect the country where you are working and living."

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Post office boss bans customers with poor English

POSTMASTER Deva Kumarasiri has banned customers from his branch who cannot speak English.

Mr Kumarasiri, who runs Sneinton Boulevard Post Office, says all immigrants in Britain should learn the language.

The 40-year-old, who moved here 18 years ago, says it is important to embrace British culture.

"If you come to Britain you have got to speak English," said the father-of-two, who is also a Liberal Democrat councillor on Gedling Borough Council.

"I am from a different country but when I came here I became British. My job is to give a service. I cannot give a service if they cannot tell me what they want."

Mr Kumarasiri, who helped raise thousands of pounds after the tsunami hit his native Sri Lanka, said he had banned about half-a-dozen customers.

"Some of them say 'you are not British'," he said. "I keep telling them 'don't come here or I am not going to help you'.

"One of the Asian ladies said 'you have a different language, why can you not speak that?'

"I said 'When I am in Britain I speak English.' Ethnic minorities came to this country to change their lives. They have to take pride in the country where they live. It shows that they care."

Banned customers who have returned with interpreters have been served.

Mr Kumarasiri, of Carlton, is campaigning for people of all races to feel proud about being British and has started a website –

He said: "This is about unity among the people in this country who are proud to live here, whether they are Asian, black or white.

"Ninety-five per cent of people are proud to be British but they are scared to show it.

"It is being put into people's heads that you cannot say things to upset the minorities.

"The white person cannot stand up and say anything because they automatically become a racist."

He said people in Sri Lanka were proud to be associated with Britain, stemming from its days as a colony.

"Still we have the pride that Britain left behind," he said. "The laws are still there, the schools are still there. The kids have courtesy. They have discipline. Here all that is gone. Let's bring back all this."

Afzal Sadiq, chief executive of the Nottingham and Notts Racial Equality Council, said: "You are denying somebody a service that is there for everybody. It is not just there for everybody who can speak the language. (He also called Mr Kumarasiri a racists on a tv interview)

"In an ideal world these people would speak English. In the long term I understand the aspiration, but learning to speak English is going to take time.

"I would hate for them to be refused a service from the post office that is meant to be there for everybody. To deny someone a service is wrong.

"What about those people who cannot speak? What about those people from the deaf and dumb community?

"These are equality issues for me."

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