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uk nationalist politics today - February 8, 2011

Welcome to the February 8, 2011 edition of uk nationalist politics today.

Bridget Nicholson 
presents 9 Most Infamous Information Leaks of All Time | Criminal Justice Degrees Guide posted at

Unbalanced Passions presents Corruption Always Implodes from Within posted at Unbalanced Passions, saying, "I get so sick and tired hearing the wheezer routine of patriot broadcasters talking about bad news in the economy and the police state. When he was talking about the youtube video about his employee and kids being groped at the checkpoints in the airport. There was over 70 percent of the comments opposing the TSA body scanners and enhanced pat down. He is complaining about the small group not getting it."

DRM presents A Troublesome Document: Musings on July 4 posted at Global Freedom Strategies, saying, "Discussing the notions of freedom, liberty and equality"

Ian presents Homeland Security Threat Level -- A Gift For Terrorists? posted at personalwebreviews.

DRM presents The Right/Left Hoax posted at Global Freedom Strategies, saying, "Thoughts on use of ideas to limit freedom and to control the population"

Ian presents WikiLeaks � Hillary's Pet Monster posted at personalwebreviews.

Ian presents Barack Obama and the New Republican Challenge posted at personalwebreviews, saying, "A look ahead at the challenges the President faces since the 2010 elections."

Ehrich Weiss presents 20 Public Policy Experts Worth Following on Twitter posted at Online MPA Programs, saying, "Keeping up with public policy is not easy because there is so much information out there. But, it is quite a bit easier if you use Twitter. With Twitter, you can get information in small snippets that come to you automatically without you having to search for them."

Ian presents Senator McCarthy would Be Proud posted at personalwebreviews, saying, "Sarah Palin heats up the rhetoric.The senator would be proud. McCarthyism is alive and well in America."

Erin Pavlina presents Who Should Be President? posted at Erin Pavlina - Spiritual Wisdom for Conscious People, saying, "I wanted to write about the American election, but every time I started writing I felt inadequate to the task. What do I know about politics and presidents really? I know what each candidate says he’d like to accomplish, but we all know it’s not as simple as just wanting something. There are a lot..."

Ian presents Sarah Shoots Herself in the Foot � Again posted at personalwebreviews, saying, "Sarah Palin is a remarkable woman, with many strong points, but an instinct for always saying the right thing (in the right words) clearly isn't one of them."

Ian presents Divided We Fall � With a Little Push From the Tea Party posted at personalwebreviews, saying, "The Tea Party has replaced national unity with divisiveness and vitriolic rhetoric."

Ian presents Egypt Without Mubarak � What Lies Ahead? posted at personalwebreviews, saying, "Hosni Mubarak is finished. What comes next?"

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