Monday, 1 June 2009

Euro Election is Imminent, VOTE!

No new post for a while, but now we need to think about who we are going to vote for on 4 June.


The problem comes from the fact that most polling stations are manned by just two people, invariably town hall bureaucrats.

So very often two individuals, who know each other from work are left in total control of hundreds of ballot papers. Towards the end of the day, it is absurdly easy for such crooks to check down the electoral roll for the names of people who haven’t been in to vote, and to issue themselves their votes, while no-one else is in the polling station.

They simply cross these ‘ghost’ voters off on the electoral roll as if they had indeed been in to vote in person. This means that the number of votes cast tallies with the number of voters marked as having voted, and no one ever knows the fraud has even taken place.

The only danger they face of getting caught is if someone comes in to vote whose vote they have already stolen, but they deal with this simply by keeping their hands or a piece of paper over the register to block the voter’s view as they issue him or her with the unused ballot paper of someone else who hasn’t voted. Especially in a low turnout election like a European contest, it really is easy and almost foolproof.

Almost, but not quite! All it takes is for one person in any polling district to spot that someone has already used their vote and the police can be called in.

By checking with people who appear to have voted they can then easily find out whether a vote has been stolen by a member of the public coming in and claiming to be someone else (a separate but lesser problem which only exists because of the lately made up rule that voters do not need their polling cards), or whether a larger number of stolen votes have been cast, in which case the finger points very firmly at the bureaucrats running the polling station.

All voters are urged to be on the lookout for this polling station fraud committed by corrupt officials casting ghost votes this Thursday.

You can do your bit to make it too risky for anyone except the most crazed activist to risk simply by waiting to vote until quite late in the day (remember that polling stations close at 10 p.m. exactly, so don’t risk getting there so late that you lose your right to vote).

When you go in and tell the official who you are or hand in your polling card, stay close to the table and watch like a hawk as they find you on the list of voters and cross your name off. Make sure that it really is your name and, if by chance you have already been crossed off, take a photo on your mobile of the sheet, and of the official, and CALL THE POLICE IMMEDIATELY.

Then call your local organiser. When the police come insist that they investigate the theft of your vote as the very serious piece of electoral fraud that it would be.

It’s a scandal that dwarves the sickening disgrace of MPs’ expenses, because the old party crooks aren’t just taking our taxes, they are stealing the democracy that generations of Britons have given their lives to secure for every British citizen. So please do your bit to fight vote stealing – Vote Once, Vote Late!

Before you make your final decision, watch this:

Thank you.

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