Tuesday, 9 June 2009

The fascist dictatorship

Welcome to the new world order, the fascist dictatorship.

After the European election results the true nature of the British 'mainstream' parties is starting to show. First off we had the government organised UAF involved in an extremely violent protest that left at least 1 innocent tourist injured:

Then we have tory shadow cabinet minister Julian Lewis seeking to influence the media's reporting and coverage of the BNP by an act of parliament:

In a shocking display of the fascist nature of the Tory Party, shadow cabinet member Julian Lewis has called in parliament for a new law to force the media to be biased against the British National Party.

Mr Lewis, who is MP for New Forest East, revealed his inherent anti-democratic leanings by expressing “concern that television and radio stations will have to apply impartiality rules” to the BNP now that it has two MEPs.

The mere fact that Mr Lewis should even make such a statement shows that he has absolutely no respect for the democratic process. The BNP has polled just on one million votes in the European elections, compared to the Tory’s four million. A party that can draw 25 percent of the Tory vote is not a minor player, yet Mr Lewis feels comfortable in openly calling for the media to remain biased against the BNP.

His comments are even more remarkable because they reveal that there are in fact “impartiality rules” which have never been applied to the BNP before.

Labour’s Culture Secretary Ben Bradshaw said in answer to Mr Lewis’s comments that the BNP election victory posed a “dilemma” for the media.

During Commons question time, Mr Lewis put the BNP gains down to the voting system used for the European Parliament, rather than the fact that nearly a million people voted for the party.

He asked Mr Bradshaw: “Do you accept that this raises very serious issues for the concept of due impartiality by the BBC and independent television when reporting political matters? What conversations do you propose to have with the broadcasting authorities to ensure that appropriate fairness doesn’t mean a platform to spout unacceptable views?”

Put in plain English, Mr Lewis was asking what measures the government was going to put in place to prevent the media from reporting fairly on the BNP’s policies.

Observers have pointed out that Mr Lewis is actually firmly in step with his party. Tory leader David Cameron is a co-signatory to the UAF charter, and therefore implicitly associates himself and his party with the anti-democratic thugs who smash up press conferences and attack people with claw hammers.

Mr Cameron has also had a lot to say in the past few days about BNP MEPs, but has ignored the fact that Sinn Fein MEPs are also going to Brussels - elected by a party which has been responsible for the deaths of British subjects and soldiers.

Perhaps this should also come as no surprise, considering that the Tories supported the war in Iraq which has led to the deaths of hundreds of British soldiers and hundreds of thousands of civilians.


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