Monday, 24 August 2009

David Cameron's message for Ramadan

David Cameron has sent his very best wishes to Muslim communities in Britain and around the world, as they start the month of Ramadan.

"I know the significance this month has for all Muslims", he said, "and there are lessons which members of all faiths and none can learn from this observance. These include the importance of reflection, charity and self-control."

He added that these are principles which help to strengthen society as a whole, and "are a sign of the contribution which Muslim communities and the Muslim faith has made to our national life".

I disagree Dave, I dont think that its the Muslim communities and the Muslim faith that have brought the values of 'reflection, charity and self-control'.

I have always given to charities, often reflect on the past and contemplate the future and I have self control, all this without the aid of the Muslim community.

'How did I develop these values then?' I hear you ask, well they where taught to me by my parents, who where taught it by their parents.

It is not 'the contribution which Muslim communities and the Muslim faith has made to our national life' that we should be thanking.

It is the failure of succesive Labour and Conservative governments we should be blaming.

Maybe if we did not have our national identity removed we would be more contemplatative.
Maybe if people had to work for what they have instead of having benefits thrown at them they would be more charitable.
Maybe if crime was actually punished people would have more self control.

Maybe you would like to 'reflect' on this Dave.

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