Friday, 14 August 2009

The UAF's planned weekend of violence

The government backed group "Unite Against Fascism" or "UAF" have been planning to violently disrupt the British National Party's annual family friendly members fete,the "Red White and Blue", for the past few months. The UAF have been busy recruiting thugs from all over the UK with the sole purpose of causing misery and disruption to the people (including women, children and babies) attending the fete.
I write this article as testament to this fact, in the event that the UAF try to erase all evidence of it from their website:

This from the UAF website 11/08/09
We condemn the BNP’s festival of race hate

UPDATE From the Independent: BNP festival 'rallying point for neo-Nazis'

UAF statement condemning the BNP's "Red, White & Blue" event:
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The fascist British National Party plans to hold its annual "Red, White & Blue" rally in Derbyshire on 14-16 August. The BNP bills this event as a "patriotic family festival". The truth is very different. The event will be a rallying point for neo-Nazis and racists from across Europe.

Last year guests invited to the "Red, White & Blue" by the BNP included Petra Edelmannova, a Czech neo-Nazi who calls for a "final solution to the Gypsy issue". The BNP's deputy leader Simon Darby defended this rhetoric, saying "What's wrong with people who talk frankly about their problems?".

Other guests included Marc Abramsson, a Swedish fascist who campaigns for "racially pure kindergartens". This year's guests are likely to include representatives of Jobbik, a violently racist Hungarian party that organises pogroms against Roma people.

The purpose of the BNP's event is to build up a hardened neo-Nazi core at centre of the organisation. Student BNP members have been ordered to attend a lecture on "ethno-nationalist theory" during the rally. Previous "Red, White & Blue" rallies have involved SS marching music as "entertainment". BNP leader Nick Griffin is a Holocaust denier with a criminal conviction for incitement to racial hatred.

We are already witnessing a spate of racist attacks in areas of high BNP activity. The BNP's "Red, White & Blue" will only to encourage more bigotry and violence on our streets. We condemn the BNP and its festival of race hate, and we urge people to reject this party's poisonous and anti-democratic agenda.

Dr Abdul Bari, secretary-general, Muslim Council of Britain; Lee Barron, Midlands regional secretary, Communication Workers Union; Jerry Bartlett, deputy general secretary, NASUWT; Weyman Bennett, joint secretary, Unite Against Fascism; Christine Blower, general secretary, National Union of Teachers; Sabby Dhalu, joint secretary, Unite Against Fascism; Billy Hayes, general secretary, Communication Workers Union; Chris Kitchen, national secretary, National Union of Mineworkers; Ken Livingstone, chair, Unite Against Fascism; Michael Rosen, author and former Children's Laureate; Mark Serwotka, general secretary, Public & Commercial Services union; Mick Shaw, president, Fire Brigades Union; Wes Streeting, national president, National Union of Students; Matt Wrack, general secretary, Fire Brigades Union

Here is transcript of the pdf file distributed with details of the coaches laid on for the thugs:

unite against fascism
tel 020 7801 2782 – –

Chesterfield: leaves Town Hall Steps on Rose Hill at 8am and Somerfield Car Park, Clay Cross, at 8.15am – 07554 578144
Derby: leaves the Council House at 8.15am – 07888 886354
Leicester: leaves Secular Hall, Humberstone Gate, at 7.30am – 07960 229186
Nottingham: leaves Salutation Inn, Maid Marion Way, at 8am – 07908 573991

Cambridge: leaves Parkside outside the police station at 6.45am –
Harwich: leaves Dovercourt station at 5am –
Luton: 07725 165152 –
Oxford: leaves St Giles – 07900 540683 or 07810 554456 –

Barnet & Camden: leaves Euston station at 7am – 07734 349732
Central London: leaves York Way opposite Kings Cross at 7am – 07900 558014
East London: leaves Mile End station 6am, Stratford station at 6.15am, Barking station – 07967 169394
Hackney: leaves Town Hall, Mare Street, at 6.45am – 07544 732111
Lewisham: leaves Lewisham train station at 6am – 07950 193820
North London: leaves Finsbury Park tube at 6am – 07760 287990
North West London: leaves Willesden Green tube at 8am –
South London: leaves Lambeth Town Hall, Acre Lane, at 6am – 07956 579466
Waltham Forest: leaves opposite Walthamstow Central station, Selbourne Road, at 7am – 07017 401951
West London: leaves Haven Green, Ealing Broadway, at 7.30am – 07534 906930

Blackpool: leaves Blackpool bus station at 6am –
Burnley: leaves Burnley bus station at 7.15am – 01282 832319
Chorley: leaves bus station at 7am – 07817 688835
Lancaster: leaves Town Hall, Dalton Square, at 6am –
Liverpool: leaves Hardman Street opposite The Magnet at 7.15am –
Manchester: leaves the coach station, central Manchester – 07903 586191
Preston: leaves Foster car park, University of East Lancashire, at 6.30am –

Edinburgh: leaves Waterloo Place by Princes Street at 12 midnight –
Glasgow: leaves Georges Square, city centre, at 12 midnight –

Brighton: leaves St Peter's Church at 7am – 07906 508426
Bristol: leaves Explore on Anchor Road at 7.15am – 07806 772682
Hastings: 07853 315375 –
Kent: leaves Whitstable library at 3.45am and from Canterbury – 07947 424505
Portsmouth: leaves Friday night at 11pm

Bridgend: leaves Sarn Services at 5.30am – 07792 720667
Cardiff: leaves National Musuem Of Wales steps at 6am – 07792 720667
Newport: leaves Lyceum Arms, Malpas Road, at 6.15am – 07792 720667
Swansea: leaves Upland Spa Shop at 5am – 07792 720667

Birmingham: leaves Carrs Lane, city centre, at 7am – 07852 898779
Coventry: leaves Coventry Sports Centre on Fairfax Street at 7.30am – 07703 343048
Dudley: leaves Dudley College, The Broadway, at 7.30am – 07703 343048
Lye: leaves Lye Cross opposite BP Garage at 7.15am – 07703 343048
Stourbridge: leaves Picture House, Hagley Road, at 7am – 07703 343048
Walsall: leaves St Pauls opposite the college at 8am – 07703 343048

Doncaster: leaves Waterdale at 7am – 07525 150903
Huddersfield & Halifax: leaves Halifax, St Georges Sq, at 6.30am, Huddersfield, St Georges Sq, at 6.45am – 07814 709853
Newcastle: leaves Royal Station Hotel, Central station, at 7am – 07941 760301
Sheffield & Rotherham: leaves Pond Hill, Sheaf Street, at 7.15am – 07590 044075

This taken from the website 10/08/09
Kettle the Nazi BNP in Codnor this Saturday

UPDATED Download list of coaches to Codnor here

This week sees the final push by anti-fascists for a mass protest against the BNP's annual rally in the village of Codnor, Derbyshire, on Saturday 15 August.

Unite Against Fascism has organised coaches from across the country to bring anti- Nazis to Codnor at 9am and "kettle" the BNP rally by surrounding it with protesters.

Download A5 leaflet here
Download A4 poster here

NEW Leon Kuhn's 'kettle' poster (colour) here
NEW Leon Kuhn's 'kettle' poster (b&w) here
NEW Download UAF briefing document on the RWB here

The BNP pretends that its rally is a "family friendly festival". In fact it serves to indoctrinate BNP supporters in the party's Nazi ideology and forge links between the organisation and other fascist groups in Europe.

This year the rally will include a "speech by a senior party official on the subject of Ethno Nationalist Theory" that all student BNP members are required to attend.

The event is also likely to feature "guests" from the BNP's new allies in the European parliament -- such as France's Front National, Belgium's Vlaams Belang and Hungary's openly antisemitic Jobbik party, which has recently been involved in organising violent attacks on Roma gypsies in Hungary.

The actions of this UAF planned violence has resulted in significant costs to police the 'protest':

An un-manned small drone aircraft will be used to video the event and protest.

Police said they expected a number of groups to meet at Codnor Market Place on Saturday morning to protest against the BNP's event and a protest march was due to be held on Saturday morning.

Peace and safety

Senior officers said "a significant policing operation was being put in place over the weekend in the area and local people could face some disruption".

Acting Assistant Chief Constable Steve Cotterill said: "Our main aim for this weekend is that it passes off peacefully and any disruption is kept to a minimum.

"We are expecting a lot of people to come to this part of Derbyshire both to attend the Red, White and Blue event and also to protest against it.

"We are very mindful of the impact that such large number of people coming into a relatively small area can have on the local community and we have been working closely with Amber Valley Borough Council, residents and all the interested parties.

"The people attending Red, White and Blue have a right to do so in peace and safety but we also realise that people have the right to protest in a lawful and peaceful way. Local people also have the right to be able to go about their lives as normal."

It seems the UAF do not care how much their actions cost the taxpayer, they do not care about the people of Codnor, they do not care that the BNP are a legal political party with many democratically elected local councillors, a member of the London Greater Assembly and 2 MEP's, they do not care about the babies and children they will be terrorising over the weekend.

This article is evidence of the preplanned violence orchestrated by the UAF, it seems they are opposed to a democracy that doesnt do as they say.
I have only 4 words to the UAF thugs:


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