Monday, 22 February 2010

How 'out of touch' can the Tories get?

The Conservatives are so out of touch with the electorate.

Take this example:

"The Conservative Party in United Kingdom has endorsed a Ugandan, Mr Richard Ssemitego, to contest on the party’s ticket in the Eastbury councillorship race in Barking and Dagenham.

Mr Ssemitego’s candidature was announced last week at Bangladeshi Women Association Community Hall in Barking at a function attended by London Mayor, Mr Boris Johnson.
The most frequent question I am being asked on my campaign trail is about immigration. English people are tired of emigrants in their country and they demand my party’s policy about immigration and yet I am one of them, it is a bit tricky to answer,” he told Daily Monitor on telephone from London yesterday.

Tight race
Mr Ssemitego,35 will tussle it out with the incumbent McDermott James Edward of the Labour Party, Mr Jeffrey Steed of the British National Party, Ms Challis Dianne Patricia, of the Liberal Democrat Party and Mr Mcllroy Ashley of the UK Independent Party.
In the 2006 elections, Mr McDermott garnered 965 votes in a race that attracted 11 contenders. Mr Ssemitego is currently a Project Manager with Residential Redrich Community Housing Limited in Ilford.
He was a campaigning manager for Vice President Prof. Gilbert Bukenya in Masuliita town in the 2006 Parliamentary elections.

Elections are slated for May 6 in all London Borough and local authorities. Fifty one councillors form Barking and Dagenham London Borough Council."

see the original article here:

So it seems the Tory  “Action Plan for Candidate Selection in Safe Seats” is operating at full steam, I wouldnt call Barking and Dagenham a safe seat now.

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