Friday, 19 November 2010

Sidney Stringer Academy - Update 2

Well it seems we got it all wrong!. This incident was just an argument over a girl after all.

The BBC reports that:
'Three students at a Coventry school have been excluded over "cyber bullying".'
Wendy Tomes said "The students involved have been identified, and in many cases face fixed term exclusions"
She added that all of the schools investigations lead them to believe the incident had started "over a girl".
Three of the students had been excluded and their families had received a visit from the school, she said.
Three more pupils were facing "internal exclusion" - being kept away from other pupils.

The AFP expands on this:
A headteacher has denied claims that a Facebook row which led to the suspension of three schoolchildren was sparked by a message of support for British troops in Afghanistan.
The students were given fixed-term exclusions from the Sidney Stringer Academy in Coventry following an argument "over a girl", the school said.

She said: "On Monday morning we were alerted to a problem on Facebook involving one of our students. The comments had been posted over the weekend.
"Because we are concerned for our students, we immediately investigated and gathered the evidence that we needed so that we could take appropriate action.
"It appears that there was a disagreement over a girl and there were students using inflammatory language and talk of a fight happening."
The school would not comment on the age, sex or religion of the pupils who were suspended.

Yet the threatened child mother ' told the Coventry Telegraph that her son had been threatened by a group of year eight students after he posted images on Facebook in support of British troops ahead of Remembrance Sunday.
She said: "I logged on and it broke my heart. I was reading all sorts about knuckle dusters, knives and death.
"They were planning to attack him at school that day, so I rang the school straight away."'

It seems to me that this story has been 'hushed up' and made into a story about 'cyber bullying' and anargument 'over a girl'

I expect we will never know the truth about this....


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