Friday, 17 December 2010

Help stop this fascist organisation

The fascist organisation 'HOPE not Hate' has managed to get itself listed by Google as a news source.
This means any article they publish will be listed by Google as a source of news. This helps promote their website and thus helps spread their fascist agenda (see image).

YOU can help get this organisation removed from Google News by doing the following:

Click HERE to go to the webpage to make a complaint to Google.
Now fill in the form with these details:

select: An issue with the content in Google News
select: Biased / offensive content

Fill the form in with these details:
Site name: HOPE not hate
Site URL:
Article title: Judgement Day for the BNP
Article URL:

It should look this:

 Next you will need to fill in your contact information (first name and valid email address) and fill in the rest of the form with these details:

Are you a representative of the site associated with the issue you are reporting? select NO

Biased article used to call for  then select 1 of these or choose your own (political activism, civil unrest, intimidate voters)

Other comments:
HOPE not hate is a fascist organisation who have as there mission statement:
'HOPE not hate mobilises everyone opposed to the BNP’s politics of hate. It was formed in 2005 as a
positive antidote to the BNP and has the support of the Daily Mirror, trade unions, celebrities and
community groups across the country.'
This is a biased organisation determined to undermine the democratic process within the UK and is
actively engaged in intimidation and violence against those who vote for certain legal British political parties.

I request that HOPE not hate are removed as a source of Google news due to the organisations agenda and bias.
Thank you.

The form should look like this:

Then click 'Submit'

This should take 5 mins at the most and if enough people do this then Google should remove them as a news source.


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