Friday, 3 December 2010

Why the UK needs to adopt the Swiss policy of deporting immigrant criminals

The jailing of Harpreet Aulakh, 32, an Indian-born Sikh, Jaswant Singh Dhillon, also known as Taljit Singh, 30, and Sher Singh, 19, an Indian illegal immigrant, for the murder of Geeta Aulakh because she was going to divorce Harpreet Aulakh highlights why the UK should now be deporting immigrants who commit serious crime.

Geeta Aulakh was ambushed after work on November 16 last year as she walked the few hundred metres from a bus stop in Greenford, west London, to collect the couple's two young sons from their childminder.
She was attacked on a street corner with a 14-inch machete and suffered appalling injuries to her head and body. Her right hand was severed as she tried to defend herself.

 These 3 murderers are career criminals, Harpreet Aulakh paid for the assassination of his wife and arranged for himself to be filmed on cctv in a pub at the exact time of the assassination.

Sher Singh gained entry to the UK on a forged student visa only 4 months before the assassination and had already notched up a string of criminal offences including drugs and immigration scams.

The UK government has been telling the people of the UK how tolerant we are for years, disregarding our fears and concerns, its about time we let the government know that we are not going to tolerate immigrant murderers, assassins, drug dealers, scammers and other criminals who enter our country.

These people will released from prison one day and be allowed to stay in the UK, this applies to the illegal immigrant who gained entry to the UK by criminal means in the first place by using a bogus student visa, he will no doubt be given a UK passport when released from prison.

We do not want these people in our society, its about time we let the government know this.


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